Following a brain injury, a person will have different requirements at different times in their life. One Rehabilitation Service can provide a range of services to meet the lifetime needs of a person living with a brain injury.

After your injury your rehabilitation might start in the hospital and keep going when you get home.

Rehabilitation Service - One Rehabilitation Service

One Disability Service provides services to people who are participants of the NDIS aged 14 and over.

Disability Services - ONE Rehabilitation Service

Don’t continue to suffer these symptoms without treatment!

Concussion Management Service - One Rehabilitation Service
  • Mobility assessment & retraining
  • Balance assessment and retraining
  • Retraining of movement and body awareness
  • Spasticity and contracture management
  • Fitness and strengthening programs
  • Vestibular assessment and management of dizziness and vertigo
  • Carer and Staff Education and Training
Occupational Therapy
  • Upper limb functional assessment and treatment
  • Spasticity and contracture management including casting & hand splinting
  • Living Skills Assessment and Retraining
  • Cognitive Assessment and Functional Retraining
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Home Modification Assessment and Coordination of Home Modifications
  • Equipment Prescription and Adaptive Technology
Speech Pathology
  • Assessment and therapy for communication difficulties including aphasia including dysarthria and cognitive-communication impairment
  • Communication partner training
  • Training of technology use to enhance communication and cognition
  • Swallowing assessments, management plans, treatment, and carer/staff training
  • Rehabilitation for cognitive impairment- attention, memory, and executive functioning.
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