One Rehabilitation Service

Early rehabilitation


After your injury your rehabilitation might start in the hospital and keep going when you get home. Our team can come in at any time to start working with you. We can provide the right type of assessments and commence early treatment depending on what you need. We can help organise any equipment you need, link you in with support workers and work closely with them. We can provide you with the information and contacts you might need to understand your situation and navigate the system.


Down the track


People need different things at different times. It might be sometime down the track that you feel ready to get back into rehabilitation. Or maybe your situation has changed and there are new issues you want to work on. Our team can review how you are going and help make new rehabilitation plans and goals.


Stuck in a rut


It is well known that coping with the changes after a brain injury, even years later, can be challenging for those with an ABI and their families. We can offer support to help with emotional and behavioural issues, mental health problems, and relationship related matters.