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One Neuro-Pilates service is for anyone with a neurological condition or injury that wants to improve their balance, mobility, strength and confidence.  Neuro-Pilates can be of benefit to anyone with an Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury, has suffered a Stroke, or been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or any other neurological condition.  Neuro-Pilates training can be used at any stage of your injury or disease process.


Our Service


Before starting your Neuro-Pilates training, an assessment will be undertaken by an experienced  physiotherapist with extensive Pilates training.  A Neuro-Pilates program is tailored to meet your needs to help you achieve your goals.  Neuro-Pilates training is focused on neuroplasticity and neuro-rehabilitation, and frequent repetition of functional movement exercises for neurological rehabilitation.


Neuro-Pilates can be used in conjunction with physiotherapy or as a stand-alone exercise therapy, and it can improve the connection between the brain and body through movement.  Neuro-Pilates training activates different areas of the brain to enhance body awareness.  The benefits of Neuro-Pilates include; no age limits, it is low impact exercise therapy and exercises are easily modified for the individual.  Neuro-Pilates is a fun and safe way to exercise with individual and tailored one-on-one sessions.


To get started with your tailored Neuro-Pilates program contact us at One Neuro-Pilates now.
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How Neuro-Pilates can help:


Improve balance
Improve muscle strength and flexibility
Reduce muscle spasticity
Improve gait and mobility
Improve mood and confidence
Increase motivation
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