One Disability Service

Why we are here


One Disability Service was established to assist adult participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) access allied health services through their NDIS plan.  One Disability Service is available to participants whose NDIS plans are self-managed or have a registered plan management provider, or for people who require any professional reports to support their NDIS plan application.


Our Service


Participants who have funding approval for therapy supports under Capacity Building and Improved Daily Living can access the services offered by One Disability Service.  You will be assessed by one of our physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists or social workers depending on your goals.  Our allied health professionals will then assist you with skills development, training, assessment and the therapy you need by working closely with you to increase your independence and progress towards your goals.  The service includes progress reports on the outcomes of your current goals and objectives and your ongoing functional needs.


Qualified Professionals


Our occupational therapists can assist you in developing your capacities to enhance your participation with daily living skills and integrating into your local community.  Our occupational therapists are suitably qualified professionals that can prescribe Home Modifications and Assistive Technology Assessment consistent with the provisions of the NDIS Home Modifications FAQs and NDIS Guide to Sustainability.  They can assess your requirements, obtain the relevant information and quotes required for funding approval, arrange delivery and installation, and provide training in the use of the equipment.


Our physiotherapists can improve your participation and independence in daily activities by increasing your strength and mobility.  Our speech pathologists can increase your participation in the community by improving your communication skills and organising and training you with communication assistive technology.  Our social workers can offer you support by strengthening your independence in managing your own personal supports, retaining or obtaining suitable accommodation and accessing other services you may need.

How we can help:


Assessing & prescribing your assistive technology & equipment
Assessing your home modifications
Assessing & training in technology for communication
Promoting independence with everyday living skills