One Concussion Management Service

Why we are here


One Concussion Management Service is a dedicated team of allied health professionals that can help you manage your concussion recovery.  We work with people that need concussion specific intervention and support.  Most healthy adults, after assessment by their GP or hospital doctor, recover from concussion in less than 10 days with simple rest and a gradual return to their normal activities.  However, if your symptoms persist beyond 2-3 weeks you may be among the documented 15% of people who don’t recover without more specific interventions and support.  We can assess you and your symptoms to determine this, and provide you with a management plan to get your recovery on track.


Our Service


The service is lead by our clinical lead physiotherapist, and incorporates assessment and interventions from occupational therapy, speech pathology and social work where required.  We follow international clinical recommendations based on the latest research into recovery from brain injury.  Our assessment and treatment process involves determining the cause of delayed recovery, providing strategies for you to incorporate into your daily life to aid recovery, establishing a treatment plan and offering guidance on your pathway to returning to your previous level of activity.


To give your body its best chance of swift recovery, with a customised treatment plan, contact us at One Concussion Management Service now.
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Persistent concussion symptoms that we can help with can be one or more of the following:


Headache, dizziness
Balance changes
Fatigue and sleep disturbance
Changes in mood, irritability
Poor memory or concentration
Reduced alcohol tolerance
Blurred or double vision
Noise intolerance
Light intolerance