Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Are you finding it difficult to do the things you used to?  Occupational Therapy may be able to help you.


The caring and compassionate occupational therapy team at One Rehabilitation Service can help you relearn old skills and find new and easier ways of doing things.  They listen to what you really want to improve or change in your life and individually tailor a program to put all your needs at the centre of therapy.


Using the most recent available evidence they can assist you with:

  • Developing independence with your daily activities such as showering, dressing or cooking
  • Retraining your thinking skills, memory, attention & executive functions
  • Improving the functionality of your arms and hands
  • Manage your fatigue and tiredness
  • Assess your needs for Home Modifications or Assistive Technology (equipment)
  • Developing a graded return to work plan
  • Driver assessment and training
  • Reintegrating back into the community and resuming recreational or leisure activities


One Rehabilitation Service’s occupational therapists work exclusively with people who have had a brain injury, as part of an inter-disciplinary team.  They have a broad range of skills and experiences in neurological rehabilitation, as well as other areas of occupational therapy.


If you have an Acquired Brain Injury and want to increase your independence, from managing your self-care, cooking dinner for your family, or getting back behind the wheel, we would love to hear from you!
Upper limb functional assessment and treatment
Spasticity management
Living Skills Assessment and Retraining
Cognitive Assessment and Functional Retraining
Fatigue Management and energy conservation education
Graded return to work programs
Driver Assessment & Retraining
Home Safety Assessments
Home Modification Assessment & coordination of home modifications
Assistive Technology Assessment (equipment) prescription