Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Program

Consultation Service/Telerehab


A consultation service is offered, that includes single discipline or multi-discipline assessments and reports. Inter-professional assessments for a client’s care needs and community care plans are also available. For clients living in regional areas, our clinicians have access to telerehab via Skype.


Hospital to Home Transfer


We can facilitate the transition from hospital to home or supported accommodation. The living environment will be assessed for any required modifications and equipment is prescribed as required. We also organise carers and assist in their training specific to your needs.


Carer Training


We can work with your personal carers or assist in the organisation of new carers. We train carers for care needs such as transfers, positioning, selfcare and feeding. We can also work with families and carers to set up therapy and exercise programs that can be scheduled into daily routines.


Positive Behaviour Support


We offer a team of professionals experienced in implementing positive behaviour support plans to help with this complex area. The team works together to comprehensively assess the behaviors of concern, their functions, and causes. A plan would be developed with all involved, which would integrate the principles of positive behaviour support to address the individual needs of the client and their situation.


Spasticity Management


Clients with spasticity are assessed interprofessionally by a neurophysiotherapist and/or an occupational therapist. Evidence based treatment, including casting and Electrical Stimulation (ES) and EMG triggered Electrical Stimulation (ETS) is available post botulinum treatment.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs


Our dedicated team offer an evidence based rehabilitation program for cognitive deficits. Impairments in memory, concentration, problem solving and other executive functions can impact all aspects of life. One Rehabilitation Service provides a tailored program specific to your needs following a comprehensive assessment.


Dysphagia Treatment


Speech Pathologists provide treatment protocols for swallowing disorders (dysphagia) and other management strategies to allow safe and optimal oral intake.