About Us

Why we are here


One Rehabilitation Service was established in 2014 to meet the need in South Australia for an allied health inter-disciplinary approach to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) rehabilitation service in the private sector.  One Rehabilitation Service created a unique rehabilitation organisation by combining a team of experienced allied health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers and a neuropsychologist to offer an evidence based approach to brain injury rehabilitation.


Core Values


One Rehabilitation Service staff strive to live by the following core values in their daily work:


Client Centred



Quality & Best Practice








Your Team


Life can change a lot after a brain injury, serious concussion or permanent disability.  One Rehabilitation Service can offer you a dedicated team of people to help you get back on track and living your life to the fullest.  We will use our proven assessment methods to find out what you need, work with you to identify what you want, and provide therapy to help achieve your goals.  Our therapy program will be designed by your team of allied health professionals based on your current abilities, with periodic reviews to get you to the next level.  The team at One Rehab will also work collaboratively with other members of your team – your doctor, case manager, support workers, carers, family members and anyone else who is important to you and your recovery.


Our Services


One Rehabilitation Service isn’t your everyday rehabilitation service.  Part of our unique service is that we will see you where you need to be seen.  Whether you are still in hospital, have returned home with support services, need to utilise a gym or pool for therapy, or are able to see us in our clinic we can assist you where you are most comfortable.  If you live in regional South Australia we can provide therapy through a tele-rehab program.  We can also prescribe and coordinate delivery of any equipment you may need, organise home modifications that may be required, help you to access other services you may be eligible for, and develop a gradual return to work plan including a work site assessment.

  • Mobility assessment & retraining
  • Balance assessment and retraining
  • Retraining of movement and body awareness
  • Spasticity and contracture management
  • Fitness and strengthening programs
  • Vestibular assessment and management of dizziness and vertigo
  • Carer and Staff Education and Training
Occupational Therapy
  • Upper limb functional assessment and treatment
  • Spasticity and contracture management including casting & hand splinting
  • Living Skills Assessment and Retraining
  • Cognitive Assessment and Functional Retraining
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Home Modification Assessment and Coordination of Home Modifications
  • Equipment Prescription and Adaptive Technology
Speech Pathology at One Rehabilitation Service
Speech Pathology
  • Assessment and therapy for communication difficulties including aphasia including dysarthria and cognitive-communication impairment
  • Communication partner training
  • Training of technology use to enhance communication and cognition
  • Swallowing assessments, management plans, treatment, and carer/staff training
  • Rehabilitation for cognitive impairment- attention, memory, and executive functioning.
Social Work at One Rehabilitation Service
Social Work
  • Family support
  • Facilitating community integration and linking in with supports and groups
  • Grief and adjustment counselling
  • Formal assessment and reporting of cognition impairment
  • Recommendations for therapy program based on cognitive strengths and deficits
  • Mental capacity assessment
  • Family education